Cine Latino: The Academy of Muses


The Main 5 Fri, Nov 11, 2016 5:00 PM
The Main 5 Mon, Nov 14, 2016 5:15 PM
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General Public:$10.00
Film Info
Original Title:La academia de las musas
Premiere Status:Minnesota Premiere
Program:Cine Latino
The Art of Living
Release Year:2015
Runtime:92 min
Festivals & Awards:Golden Giraldillo: Best Film - Seville European Film Festival
Don Quixote Award - Tromsø International Film Festival
Website:Official Website
Director:José Luis Guerín
Cinematographer:José Luis Guerín
Screenwriter:José Luis Guerín
Editor:José Luis Guerín
Principal Cast:Mireia Iniesta
Emanuela Forgetta
Rosa Delor
Patricia Gil
Carolina Llacher
Raffaele Pinto
Filmography:Guest ('10)
In the City of Sylvia ('07)
En construcción ('01)


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At turns playful and profound, the latest film from Spanish master Jose Luis Guerin (In the City of Sylvia, Guest) is a witty, exquisite mixture of high-minded intellectual discourse nestled in a playpen of earthy desires.

University of Barcelona professor of philology Raffaele Pinto introduces his largely female class, including the fierce, defensive Emanuela, sensitive Mireia and freewheeling poet Carolina, to his concept of the importance of muses through the ages, their role in the creation of art and culture, music and poetry. Seeing through the professor’s tricks of using high-minded academic discourse in the pursuit of more carnal longings, he is quickly called to task by his quick, no-nonsense wife, fellow professor Rosa Delor Muns, leading to a fresh, funny and energetic discourse on the nature of power, language and desire.

A lively, formally daring blend of fiction and documentary, The Academy of Muses is a most improbable romantic comedy, dense with ideas yet lighthearted throughout. Developed with and performed by real-life professors and their students, this sublime and sexy triumph stimulates the mind and the heart in equal measure.

Título: La academia de las musas

La cátedra de un profesor sobre su concepto de la importancia de las musas a través de la historia rápidamente se convierte en un divertido y energético discurso sobre la naturaleza del poder, del lenguaje y del deseo. Desarrollada y actuada por verdaderos profesores y estudiantes, el más reciente film del magistral José Luis Guerín, es una vivaz y formalmente desafiante mezcla de ficción y documental.


"A highly stimulating discourse. Some of the human comedy you could even call divine." - Variety