Cine Latino: Gimme the Power


Parkway Theater Sun, Nov 13, 2016 5:30 PM
Ticket Prices
General Public:$10.00
Film Info
Premiere Status:Minnesota Premiere
Program:Cine Latino
The Art of Living
Release Year:2012
Runtime:101 min
Website:Official Website
Director:Olallo Rubio
Producer:José Nacif
Olallo Rubio
Cinematographer:José Casillas
Screenwriter:Olallo Rubio
Editor:Abraham Neme
Juan Fontana Rosas
Composer:Javier Umpiérrez
Principal Cast:Sergio Arau
Paco Ayala
Randy Ebright
Filmography:This is Not a Movie ('11)


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Matching the righteous political fury of The Clash and San Francisco’s Dead Kennedys with the Beastie Boys' funky street-level humor, Mexico City’s Molotov charged out of the gate in 1997 with a fast, smart and often controversial take on modern Mexican life that attracted legions of fans and detractors alike. Still going strong after two decades and enjoying a previously undreamed-of level of global success, the band has managed to stay true to its voice, calling truth to power while managing to sell millions of records. Yet director Olallo Rubio’s fast, engaging film is no standard ‘rags to riches’ rockumentary.

Like the brilliant Sex Pistols doc THE FILTH AND THE FURY, GIMME THE POWER contextualizes Molotov’s birth and rise as an outgrowth and response to a perennially crippled social structure, a revolving-door dictatorship whose soothing words and ‘updated’ guises still can’t mask its brutal essence. From the country’s indigenous and colonial foundations through to the cultural revolutions of the 60s and the seismic shift brought by the 1971 Avándaro Festival, Rubio traces Molotov’s origins and legacy with the irreverent energy and exuberance of a class given by your rowdiest friends (and plenty of beer).

Playfully using archival footage and film clips alongside interviews with Mexico’s most infamous rockers and critics, GIMME THE POWER is, like the anthemic song it’s named after, a galvanizing blast of three-chord energy and the loudest, most punk rock history lesson you’ll ever experience.

Título: Gimme the Power

Mezclando la furia política de The Clash y los Dead Kennedys de San Francisco con el humor callejero y funky de los Beastie Boys, la banda Molotov de la ciudad de México irrumpió en la escena en 1997 con un punto de vista rápido, agudo y frecuentemente controvertido sobre la vida moderna en México, atrayendo legiones de fanáticos y detractores. Aun exitosa después de 20 años, y con un suceso global nunca antes imaginado, esta banda se mantiene fiel a su estilo diciéndole verdades a los poderosos al mismo tiempo que vende millones de discos. Jugando con imágenes de archivo y entrevistas a los más famosos y odiados roqueros y críticos, Gimme the power es, como la emblemática canción que le da el nombre, un electrizante estruendo de energía en tres cuerdas, y la lección de historia del rock más ruidosa y punk que se pueda escuchar.


"Gimme the Power [is] a lot like Molotov’s music: politically engaged without having to take itself too seriously."- Remezcla