Cine Latino: How Most Things Work


The Main 3 Sat, Nov 12, 2016 4:30 PM
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General Public:$10.00
Film Info
Original Title:Como funcionan casi todas las cosas
Premiere Status:Minnesota Premiere
Program:Cine Latino
Bright New Voices
Release Year:2015
Runtime:90 min.
Festivals & Awards:Best Screenplay - Mar del Plata Film Festival
Print Source:Primer Plano
Director:Fernando Salem
Producer:Utópica Group
Tarea Fina
Fernando Salem
Cinematographer:Georgina Pretto
Screenwriter:Fernando Salem
Esteban Garelli
Editor:Emiliano Fardaus
Composer:Juan Ignacio Bernardis
Principal Cast:Rafael Spregelburd
Esteban Bigliardi
Marilu Marini
María Ucedo
Miriam Odorcio
Pilar Gamboa


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Screening with short film Stealing Home.

Stuck in a dead-end job as a tollbooth operator in the middle of the Argentinian desert, Celina (Veronica Gerez) quietly yearns for connection with the world outside as well as with the mother who left her as a child. When her father dies unexpectedly, Celina quickly takes over his job as a traveling encyclopedia salesperson, falling under the wing of veteran saleswoman Raquel (Pilar Gamboa, The Fire) and setting out on her first trip away from home, a journey of facing the mysteries of adulthood, of the beauty of unexpected graces and of perhaps even finding what was once lost.

Tender but never sappy and rooted in a tremendous performance by newcomer Veronica Gerez, this engrossing debut feature from writer/director Fernando Salem recently won Best Director and Best Screenplay honors at the Mar del Plata Film Festival. Rich with humor and insight, How Most Things Work is a sharp and observant portrait of the pains and wonders of growing into oneself

Título: Como funcionan casi todas las cosas

Cuando su padre muere inesperadamente, Celina abandona su mísero empleo como operadora de una casilla de peaje para ocupar el trabajo de su padre como vendedor viajante de enciclopedias. En su primer viaje lejos de casa, Celina enfrenta los misterios de la vida adulta y la belleza de la gracia no esperada. El premiado debut de Fernando Salem alcanza un delicado equilibrio entre el humor y la ternura.


"Rich with humor and insight..."- Seattle International Film Festival

Screening with Short Film

Stealing Home
2015 | 4 min | Documentary | Cuba, USA | English, Spanish

Three teen sports enthusiasts travel to Cuba to learn more about the legacy of baseball.

Director(s): Joe Levin, Justine Ciccone, Michael Stokdyk | Producer(s): Cheri Gaulke, Jeff MacIntyre, Alethea Paradis | Writer(s): Joe Levin | Cinematographer(s): Justine Ciccone, Joe Levin, Michael Stokdyk, Jeff MacIntyre | Editor(s): Justin Ciccone, Joe Levin, Michael Stokdyk | Composer(s): Killer Tracks | School: Harvard-Westlake School