Cine Latino: The Song of the Hummingbird


The Main 5 Sat, Nov 12, 2016 1:15 PM
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General Public:$10.00
Film Info
Original Title:El Canto del Colibrí
Guest Attending:Yes
Premiere Status:Minnesota Premiere
Program:Cine Latino
Bright New Voices
Family Friendly
Social Justice
Release Year:2015
Runtime:53 min
Festivals & Awards:Audience Choice Award: Best Documentary - CinHomo Muestra de Cine LGBT Valladolid
Best Documentary - I Can [be] Gay: 3º Festival Internacional de Cine LGBTIQ de Canarias
Website:Official Website
Print Source:Alfaro Productions
Director:Marco Castro-Bojorquez
Producer:Katie Cruz
José Alfaro
Liz Salinas
Marco Castro-Bojorquez
Cinematographer:José Alfaro
Liz Salinas
Screenwriter:Marco Castro-Bojorquez
Editor:Jesús Beltrán
Composer:Joel St. Julien


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Director Marco Castro-Bojorquez Attending November 12!

Screening with short film Seclusion.

A heartfelt tribute to his own father, director Marco Castro-Bojorquez follows up his acclaimed short documentary Tres Gotas de Agua (Three Drops of Water) with this rich, varied feature on what it means to be the Latino father of an LGBT child.

Hailing from countries as diverse as Venezuela, Mexico and Colombia, and spread across the U.S. in cities such as Los Angeles, Kansas City and Portland, the seven men profiled offer emotionally rich tales of immigration and the struggle to establish families and professions in a land that often regards them with prejudice and fear, only to have their own deeply internalized prejudices challenged when these families don’t always adhere to accepted gender norms. From the Venezuelan dad who berates his son for kissing his partner in public to the Mexican fathers who worry about their daughters experiencing the kind of discrimination they had endured, the men here speak openly about their stumbles and triumphs, of facing their own deep rooted machismo, often the result of fractured relationships with their own fathers, yet somehow always managing to land in a place of fierce, unequivocal love.

Director Castro-Bojorquez casts a sympathetic eye not only to the tales of fathers, but the children themselves speak openly of the challenges of growing up in two cultures, of the painful processes of coming out and the timeless bonds of culture and family that help guide the way.

Título: El Canto del Colibrí

Este rico y variado documental explora lo que significa, en países tan diversos como Venezuela, México, Colombia y a través de EEUU, ser padre de lesbianas, gays o travestis. Desde el padre que insulta a su hijo por besar a su pareja en público, hasta los padres que se preocupan de que sus hijos sufran la discriminación que ellos mismos sufrieron, estos hombres hablan abiertamente sobre sus tropiezos y triunfos, y sobre lograr afirmarse en un amor inequívoco y feroz.


"It magnifies voices often not heard in the LGBTIQA+ community... For this, and for its respectful, intelligent and engaging tone, it’s well worth the watch."- Four Three Film

Screening with Short Film

2016 | 4 min | Narrative | Mexico | Spanish

A young gentleman, frustrated and tormented by the idea of feeling lonely seeks refugee in alcohol and snuff to prevent loneliness reaching him. At the end he forces himself to face his fear and accept it.

Director(s): Natalia Ruiz | Producer(s): Mariela Torres, Enrique Martínez Apodaca | Writer(s): Natalia Ruiz | Cinematographer(s): Andoni Haza | Editor(s): Natalia Ruiz | Composer(s): Raúl Rivera-Melo | Principal Cast: Carlos Alberto Moreno, Carolina Holmes | School: CETYS