Afro-Napoli United (Loro Di Napoli)


Vogue Theatre Thu, Nov 17, 2016 4:40 PM
Film Info
Running Time:75 min.
Director:Pierfrancesco Li Donni
Producer:Cristina Rajola
Alfredo Borrelli
Screenwriter:Pierfrancesco Li Donni
Giacomo Bendotti
Editor:Matteo Gherardini
Music:Raffaele Inno


Antonio Gargiulo is the president of Afro-Napoli, a spirited soccer team of second-generation Italians and immigrants from Africa and South America. Antonio has a dream: for his guys to play in the federal soccer championships. He would do anything to enroll his team in the Third League and coach them to a win. But players Lello, Maxime, and Adam lack identity documents, which are required if they are going to play, as the bureaucratic machine stalls in delivering their certificates of residence. Documentary filmmaker Pierfrancesco Li Donni constructs his story around these dynamic players and also the city of Naples—its language, its sounds, and its rhythms. The characters entrust themselves completely to the gaze of the camera, which allows Li Donni to bring their lives into sharp relief. He masterfully blends the players’ private lives—bound by the unsustainable condition of their stateless person status—with their collective experiences on the field, where the squad comes face to face with reality. Afro-Napoli United energetically follows the gruff, tenacious coach and his determined players in their quest for victory on and off of the field. Winner of the 2015 Festival dei Popoli’s Cinemaitaliano.  Info – CG Entertainment Award.

Copresented by the San Francisco Soccer Football League

About the filmmaker

Pierfrancesco Li Donni was born in Palermo and studied editing at the Cineteca di Bologna. He worked with Paolo Pisanelli on the film Ju Tarramutu and started the first Italian web radio originating from a mental health center. He has worked with Repubblica TV and Sky TV, and has made videos for RAI and for Fox4dev. Among his films are two that delve into the years of Mafia massacres in Palermo, his debut feature, Il Secondo Tempo, and the short film Sempre Vivi. In 2016 he made the TV documentary Prima Cosa Buongiorno.