The Beginners (Alaska)


Vogue Theatre Sat, Nov 19, 2016 6:10 PM
Film Info
Running Time:125 min.
Director:Claudio Cupellini
Producer:Fabrizio Donvito
Benedetto Habib
Marco Cohen
Screenwriter:Claudio Cupellini
Filippo Gravino
Guido Iucolano
Cinematographer:Gergely Pohárnok
Editor:Giuseppe Trepiccione
Music:Pasquale Catalano
Cast:Elio Germano
Astrid Bergès-Frisbey
Valerio Binasco
Paolo Pierobon
Marco D’Amore
Roschdy Zem
Nicola Sisti Ajmone
Stefano Fregni
Pino Colizzi
Elena Radonicich
Maria Sole Mansutti
Nadia Aldridge
Rossana Mortara
Anis Gharbi
Orietta Notari
Roberta Rovelli
Nadia Aldrige


Nadine (Astrid Bergès Frisbey) is an aspiring model, a beautiful young French woman, determined to break into the Paris fashion scene. Fausto (Elio Germano), a bold Italian, is trying to make it in Paris as a hotel waiter. They meet, serendipitously, when they sneak out onto the roof of the hotel for a cigarette. From their first encounter, Fausto and Nadine recognize each other: fragile, alone, and obsessed with proving their worth, hopeful that one day, life will offer them something better than the marginal existence they have inherited. Director Claudio Cupellini creates memorable characters in these two people who possess nothing, except for their bodies and the chemistry that ignites between them. Over five years—during which they both experience the blackest depths of desperation and the highest peaks of social success—Fausto and Nadine continue to cross paths, lose sight of each other, and then return to the siren song of amour fou. The choice between a great love and the seductions of the world are explored with nuance in this passionate story of lovers who discover that they are each other’s home.

Copresented by Italian Society Berkeley

About the filmmaker

Claudio Cupellini (Camposampiero, Padova) is a director and a screenwriter. He made his directorial debut in 1999 with the short film Le diable au vélo. In 2003 his short Chi ci ferma più was part of the collective film Sei pezzi facili. In 2006 he directed an episode for the film 4-4-2, Il Gioco più bello del mondo. In 2009 his first feature-length film Lessons in Chocolate won the N.I.C.E. City of Florence Award and in 2010 his second feature A Quiet Life was presented at the Rome International Film Festival, receiving the Marc’Aurelio d’Argento Award for Best Actor (Toni Servillo) and three nominations for the 2011 David di Donatello. In 2014, Cupellini directed the television series Gomorrah with Stefano Sollima and Francesca Comencini, based on journalist Roberto Saviano's eponymous non-ficion book.