Best Enemies Forever (Nemiche Per La Pelle)


Vogue Theatre Wed, Nov 16, 2016 9:00 PM
Film Info
Category:Special Screening
Running Time:92 min.
Director:Luca Lucini
Producer:Donatella Botti
Screenwriter:Doriana Leondeff
Francesca Manieri
Cinematographer:Claudio Cofrancesco
Editor:Massimo Fiocchi
Music:Fabrizio Campanelli
Cast:Margherita Buy
Claudia Gerini
Giampaolo Morelli
Gigio Morra
Lucia Ragni
Andrea Bosca
Pia Engleberth
Shi Yang Shi
Federica Fracassi
Bettina Giovannini
Carola Stagnano
Stefano Santospago
Jaspar Cabal


What would happen if two eternal foes—women with different lifestyles and characters—had to share the most incredible inheritance: their ex-husband Paolo’s son, conceived with a stranger no longer in the picture? Luca Lucini’s Best Enemies Forever offers a charming answer. This buoyant comedy stars Margherita Buy as Lucia, an animal psychologist, and Claudia Gerini as driven real estate developer Fabiola, the ex-wives who never stopped competing for Paolo’s love and affection. They thought his funeral would be the last moment they would ever have to spend together. Then they discover that Paolo has bequeathed them joint custody of his young son, Paolo, Jr. (Jaspar Cabal), thereby binding age-old adversaries together forever. Hilarious hijinks ensue as both Lucia and Fabiola, each quirky and novice mothers, begin the journey of unexpected parenthood without a user manual. Fabiola thinks that Lucia is completely without fashion sense and Lucia thinks that Fabiola doesn’t know how to play with a child, but when the state threatens to take Paolo, Jr. away, they are compelled to band together for the very first time. Like two mama lions on a quest, they discover that, despite their obvious differences, they have quite a bit in common—especially one adorable little boy.

Copresented by Italian Community Services

About the filmmaker

Luca Lucini (Milan) started his career by self-producing small experimental productions, while shooting a number of music videos for various artists, finally becoming a director for advertising. After his first short Diana's Smile in 2004, he successfully directed his first feature-length film Three Steps Over Heaven, followed by The Perfect Man (2005), Love, Soccer and Other Catastrophes, Just a Father (2008), and Just Married (2009). In November 2010, he released The Woman of My Life, followed in 2015 by a documentary about the Teatro alla Scala, The Temple of Wonders. In 2015, he directed Leonardo Da Vinci - The Genius in Milan and Best Enemies Forever.