The Legendary Giulia And Other Miracles


Film Info
Running Time:115 min.
Director:Edoardo Leo
Producer:Fulvio Lucisano
Federica Lucisano
Screenwriter:Edoardo Leo
Marco Bonino
Based on the novel Giulia 1300 E Altri Miraco by Fabio Bartolomei
Cinematographer:Alessandro Pesci
Editor:Patrizio Marone
Music:Gianluca Misiti
Cast:Edoardo Leo
Carlo Buccirosso
Luca Argentero
Claudio Amendola
Stefano Fresi
Anna Foglietta
Mattia Sbragia
Federico Torre


Diego, a car salesman (Luca Argentero); Claudio, a failed store owner (Stefano Fresi); and Fausto, a watch pitchman (Edoardo Leo), are three unlikely partners thrown together by circumstance when they make a last minute decision to buy an old property and turn it into an agro-tourism inn. Joining them in their efforts are left-wing jack-of-all-trades Sergio (Claudio Amendola) and Claudio's wacky (and pregnant) former employee Elisa (Anna Foglietta). The men soon discover the plumbing needs work, and worse: Local gangsters want to be their business partners. When Vito, a classical music loving Camorrista (Carlo Buccirosso) shows up in an old Alfa Romeo Giulia 1300, the partners respond creatively. Anyone who has ever dreamed of leaving that 9-to-5 day job in pursuit of the bucolic life of the countryside will admire the comic antics of the four innkeepers—and the young woman who can cook and decorate circles around them. Based on Fabio Bartolomei's book Giulia 1300 E Altri Miracoli, The Legendary Giulia is a heart-warming comedy about two serious subjects: the drive to do at least one thing that is beautiful and meaningful in one’s life and the courage it takes to resist the violence and pressure of criminals, by any means necessary. Winner of the 2015 Nastro D’Argento for Best Comedy, 2015 Globo D’Oro Award for Best Comedy, and 2015 David di Donatello for Best Supporting Actor (Carlo Buccirosso).

Copresented by BAIA

About the filmmaker

Edoardo Leo began his career as an actor on stage, screen, and television, becoming well-known to Italian audiences for his role in the sitcom Un Medico in Famiglia. A crucial event in his career was his encounter with director Claudio Fragasso, who directed him in TV movies such as Operazione Odissea and Blindati, and in his first leading role in La banda (2001). 18 Years Later (Special Mention at the Rome Independent Film Festival, 2010 and N.I.C.E’s City of Florence Award, 2010) marked Leo's directorial feature film debut. He also wrote and directed Out of the Blue (2013). In 2014 he starred in the box-office hit I Can Quit Whenever I Want, The Penguin Move and wrote the script for Remember Me?