Second Spring (Seconda Primavera)


Vogue Theatre Wed, Nov 16, 2016 6:15 PM
Film Info
Category:Special Screening
Running Time:108 min.
Director:Francesco Calogero
Producer:Mia Arfuso
Francesco Calogero
Screenwriter:Francesco Calogero
Cinematographer:Giulio Pietromarchi
Editor:Mirco Garrone
Music:Sandro Di Stefano
Cast:Claudio Botosso
Anita Kravos
Desirée Noferini
Hedy Krissane
Angelo Campolo
Nino Frassica
Tiziana Lodato
Gianluca Cesale
Antonio Alveario
Livio Bisignano



Andrea (Claudio Botosso) is a 50-year-old architect who lost his wife Sofia and becomes fixated with Hikma (Desirée Noferini), the lover of a younger acquaintance. He meets Hikma through Rosanna (Anita Kravos), a young anesthesiologist at the local hospital, and her husband Riccardo (Angelo Campolo), an aspiring writer. During an eventful New Year's Eve party, Andrea introduces Riccardo to his prospective client—Nabil (Hedy Krissane), a Maghreb restaurant owner—and his lovely sister Hikma. Months later, Andrea discovers that Riccardo has left Rosanna and that Hikma is pregnant with Riccardo’s child. Hikma struggles with her old-fashioned, fundamentalist brother's view of her condition and also with her relationship with Riccardo. Andrea offers to help the couple and lets them stay with him in his villa, which, as his first architectural project, is laden with meaning for him. Director Francesco Calogero judiciously uses a shifting point of view to show us how each character sees the challenges and nuances of their situation. The film is divided into seasons and we perceive Andrea, Hikma, and Riccardo’s fluctuating emotions the way that an orchard might experience subtle changes in air and moisture with the passage of time. Gardening beside him, the young Hikma increasingly reminds Andrea of Sofia, who passed away under mysterious circumstances four years earlier. Winner of the Premio Corso Salani Award, 2015 Trieste Film Festival and Winner of the Gold Remi Award for Foreign Film, World Fest Houston.

Francesco Calogero is expected to attend

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Location: San Francisco Italian Athletic Club

1630 Stockton Street (between Union and Filbert)

San Francisco, CA 94133

Film & Party (or Party only): $25 general public; $20 for Italian Cultural Institute and San Francisco Italian Athletic Club members

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About the filmmaker

Francesco Calogero (Messina) is a law graduate with over twenty years of experience at the Taormina Film Festival and other festivals. In 1987 he directed the feature film La gentilezza del tocco, awarded at the Bellaria Film Festival and with Nanni Moretti's Sacher d’Oro. In 1989 he made Private Screening, and starting in 1995, he worked as a director of opera for Rita ou Le Mari battu, Cavalleria rusticana, Pagliacci, Norma, La Sonnambula. His filmography also includes Nessuno, Cinque giorni di tempesta (awarded in Osaka and Annecy), and Night Watchman. In 2002 he directed the documentary L'implacabile tenente Rossi, followed in 2012 by the short In the Name of the Godfather, a preview to his medium-length film In the Land of the Godfather.