Them Who? (Loro Chi?)


Vogue Theatre Sat, Nov 19, 2016 4:00 PM
Film Info
Running Time:92 min.
Director:Fabio Bonifacci
Francesco Miccichè
Producer:Roberto Sessa
Screenwriter:Fabio Bonifacci
Cinematographer:Arnaldo Catinari
Editor:Patrizio Marone
Music:Gianluca Misiti
Cast:Marco Giallini
Edoardo Leo
Catrinel Marlon
Lisa Bor


David (Edoardo Leo) is 36 and dreams of publishing a novel, but in the meantime he works at a household products company as communication manager. His latest ambition is to convince his evil boss that he is a valuable asset, deserving of a much higher salary. Finally, his chance arrives: He will be the spokesperson who unveils the firm’s new industrial patent, a revolutionary invention that will bring the company incredible success. Marcello (Marco Giallini) is a clever trickster, a conman and, in his own peculiar way, an artist. With the help of two charming young women, Marcello deceives David and steals everything he has, ostensibly ruining his life. After just one night of debauchery, David loses his money, his car, his girlfriend, and his job. Outraged at being duped, David seeks out Marcello, vowing revenge. But when he finally catches him, he is so fascinated by Marcello’s lifestyle that instead of getting even, David partners with him on increasingly fantastic scams. Between quarrels and complicity, this odd pair of hucksters embarks on hilarious and unpredictable adventures. Marcello is a consummate and chameleon-like swindler: a member of a band, a TV director who convinces a whole town that their little burg will be the location for a new series, and a thief of high-tech patents. David aspires to reach the same acuity in sleight of hand, but in this action-packed comedy, he discovers that sometimes the best and funniest lessons about the art of the scam hurt the most.

Director Francesco Miccichè in person

About the filmmakers

Fabio Bonifacci is from Bologna. In 1998, he made his debut in film as a screenwriter, with the story and screenplay for Let's Mambo! Scripts for Tandem, Radish Pale, Night Bus and Lessons in Chocolate soon followed. In 2008, he published his first novel Love, Soccer and Other Catastrophes, an adaptation of his screenplay for Luca Lucini’s film of the same name. In 2009, he won a Nastro d'Argento for Best Subject with two comedies Different From Whom? and We Can Do That. More recently, he has written the screenplay for Welcome to the North, The Unlikely Prince, and Welcome Mr. President! In 2015, he made his directorial debut with Them Who?

Francesco Miccichè is from Rome. His first short film, Forbidden Kisses (1997), was presented at the Venice Film Festival, winning several awards. After working on a number of TV shows, he made a documentary about his filmmaker father in 2013, Lino Miccichè, My father, involving some of the most influential Italian film directors and critics and winning several awards, including a Special Mention at the Nastro d'Argento. In 2015, he co-directed Them Who?, alongside Fabio Bonifacci.