Tokyo Grand Guignol


New People Cinema Sat, Nov 5, 2016 11:00 PM
Film Info
Director:Nicolas Alberny
Maki Hisatomi
Gilles Landucci
Yann Moreau
Running Time:115 min.
Year of Release:2015


Do you like Crazy Japanese Movies, Anthology film as CREEPSHOW or TALES FROM THE CRYPT, New Wave of French horror, werewolves, hunter, Tokyo, Giallo & time travel...?

Then TOKYO GRAND GUIGNOL is made for you – 4 scary and wicked stories for a feature film anthology.

The movie is a completely indie project from Dice Entertainment, born from the passion of Japanese actor/producer Hiro Ishihara and his 2 associates Gilles Landucci and Yann Moreau.

TOKYO GRAND GUIGNOL is an unique and amazingly exciting multi-cultural project for which we’ve even managed to get the support of worldwide acclaimed French directors 

Xavier Gens (worldwide acclaimed for his movies THE DIVIDEFRONTIER(S) and HITMAN); Jean Frederic Chaleyat (multi-award winner for his short film ENGRENAGES), and Frederic Grousset, famous for his innovative features AQUARIUM and CLIMAX.