Dark Rainbow - Short Films

  • A Fall from Grace A Fall from Grace
  • Axiomatic Axiomatic
  • Dreams We Share Dreams We Share
  • Eden Eden
  • Hard Broads Hard Broads
  • Nuoc Nuoc
  • Pyotr495 Pyotr495
  • The Doodler Homocides The Doodler Homocides


New People Cinema Sun, Nov 6, 2016 5:00 PM
Film Info
Running Time:97 min.


A special collection of LGBT+ related genre films. Films are not necessarily listed in the order they will be screened.

Included Shorts

Axiomatic (17min) More
The Doodler Homocides (16min) More
Dreams We Share (15min) More
Eden (16min) More
A Fall from Grace (3min) More
Hard Broads (10min) More
Nuoc (5min) More
Pyotr495 (15min) More