Who is Arthur Chu?



Alamo Drafthouse San Francisco Sat, Mar 11, 2017 6:00 PM


In the west coast premiere of CAAMFest’s Centerpiece Documentary, co-directors Scott Drucker and Yu Gu explore the question behind the Jeopardy! game show answer, and title of their film, WHO IS ARTHUR CHU? Drucker and Gu follow 11-time Jeopardy! champion, media-labelled “villain,” writer and internet iconoclast, Arthur Chu, as he traverses a post-Jeopardy! world where fame brings both a platform for his voice and the curse of cyber-bullying. As Chu builds a larger following through writing, public speaking and participation in the infamous #Gamergate movement, he reflects on his youth, his family relationships and his identity as a Taiwanese American.