What Happens to the Mountain
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Films in Competition 13
Main Theater - Michigan TheaterSat, Mar 25, 2017 9:15 PM

FIC 13 opens with Blood Lust of the Wolf, a live cinema performance by Simon Tarr, remixing the classic film Nanook of the North (dir. Robert Flaherty, 1922) into a fugue state about race, ethnicity, and exploitation. The show dissects the structure of the original films to unearth the core of what makes Nanook disturbing yet compelling nearly a century later, the film's approach to ethnography. Seven short films follow, including recent experimental, documentary, and animated works. Features a dual 16mm projection and more.

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Film Info
Event Type:Films in Competition 13
Shorts in Competition
Release Year:2016
Premiere Status:North American Premiere
Production Country:USA
Cast/Crew Info
Director:Christin Turner
“What Happens to the Mountain” draws upon literary sources, late night radio, and legends from the Cheyenne and Kiowa to conjure a psycho-geographic experience in a sacred landscape. A long-distance driver, a drifter, journeys from a tenuous reality into a vision of the afterlife, called forth by the spirit of the mountain.