The Art of Recovery


Film Info
Director:Peter Young
Year of Production:2015
Premiere Status:San Francisco Premiere
Topic:Changing Cities
Country:New Zealand
Running Time:85 min.


Who gets to make the decisions about what a city looks and feels like? After the devastating earthquake of 2011 in Christchurch, New Zealand, artists and community members began using newly vacant land in the central city for art installations, gardens, and gathering spaces. Developed organically, and below the official radar, these areas thrived – but were in conflict with official plans to build "catalyst projects" seeded by the government and controlled by private developers. In understanding that exciting cities are chaotic rather than plotted and planned, filmmaker Peter Young (The Last Ocean, SFGFF 2014) brings us what the New Zealand Herald calls, "an exhilarating affirmation of people power." - Dan Goldes

DISCUSSION WITH: Peter Young, filmmaker; Fay Darmawi, SF Urban Film Fest

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Community Partners: SF Urban Film Fest; SPUR

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Velo Visionaries - Alicia Tapia (8min) More

Additional Information

Peter YoungPeter Young is a director, cameraman and producer with a strong connection to the land and the people who and live and work on it. He recently completed the feature documentary The Art of Recovery, and before that The Last Ocean (SFGFF 2014), a film project that spanned seven years and developed into a successful international environmental campaign promoting the protection of the Ross Sea in Antarctica. In 2012 Peter was named New Zealand Independent Screen Producer of the Year. He has credits in well over a hundred documentaries, among them BBC’s Blue Planet Series. It's the opportunity to work with great teams and tell great stories that keeps him in the business.