Food for Thought
  • What's On Your Plate?
  • Eyes on the Water
  • Blind Sushi
  • Blind Sushi
  • Dreaming with Lola
  • Perennial Grains: Taming the Carbon Monster
  • Unbroken Ground
Film Info
Topic:Bay Area
Climate Change
Food: What's on Your Plate?
Running Time:70 min.

We love food. We love food that is in sync with the environment even more. This program of short films presents a new take on food production - methods that restore our land, water and wildlife. These edible stories show us how what we put on our plate can part of the solution to environmental crisis.

- Eric Heimbold, filmmaker
- Jason Hanasik and Graelyn Brashear, filmmakers
- Karen Leibowitz, co-founder, The Perennial
- Birgit Cameron, Senior Director, Patagonia Provisions
- Elizabeth Ferber, Kaiser Permanente

Program Sponsors:

Community Partner: 1% for the Planet

Included Shorts
What's On Your Plate? (2min) More
Eyes on the Water (10min) More
Blind Sushi (17min) More
Dreaming with Lola (8min) More
Perennial Grains: Taming the Carbon Monster (1min) More
Unbroken Ground (26min) More