Last of the Longnecks
Roxie TheaterSat, Apr 22, 2017 12:30 PM Not Available
Film Info
Director:Ashley Scott Davison
Year of Production:2016
Premiere Status:West Coast Premiere
Topic:Keep It Wild
Running Time:93 min.

Last of the Longnecks explores the plight and extinction of giraffes and the implications of their demise in our rapidly changing world. Featuring unprecedented footage, the film follows top scientists, wildlife conservationists and anti-poachers from Africa to Europe to America to shed light on the giraffe’s struggle, celebrate what makes these majestic animals so unique, and discover what hope can be found in the tangled relationship between humanity and nature.

- Ashley Scott Davison, filmmaker
- Amy Phelps, Curator of Children’s Zoo & ARC, San Francisco Zoo (formerly giraffe keeper at Oakland Zoo)
- Jennifer Palmer, Executive Director, George Wright Society & Founder, Women for Wildlife

Program Sponsor:

Community Partners: Bay Area Science Festival; Wildlife Conservation Network; Women for Wildlife

Included Shorts
Pangolin (13min) More
Additional Information

Ashley Scott DavisonAshley Scott Davison was born on March 22, 1978 in Fort Collins, Colorado. He is a producer and writer, known for Brother Screwtape(2008), Last of the Longnecks (2016) and Shadow Box (2008). Ashley holds a BS in Fashion Design from Colorado State University and attended the Colorado Film School. He is also the Chairman of the New Braunfels Downtown Development Board.