Eyes of Fire
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Hollywood TheatreSun, Apr 30, 2017 6:30 PM Event Date Passed

EYES OF FIRE (1983) is one of the most beautiful, bewitching and psychedelic historical period horror films of the 80s…that you’ve never seen! Long before The VVitch (2015) rattled audiences with lurid satanic panic, obscure auteur Avery Crounse delivered his own transcendent meditation on blasphemy, witchcraft and place as active agent set in the uncertain American frontier of 1750. Sadly, Crounse’s compositional masterwork was destined for inglorious VHS purgatory. EYES OF FIRE tells the tale of a dubious preacher who narrowly escapes execution for adultery, and ventures forth into terra incognita with a small band of loyal colonists. Pursued downstream by Shawnee tribesmen, the exiles make their stand in a primeval wooded valley rife with chthonic forces. Soon, all hell breaks loose. 80s style! This absolutely must be experienced on the big screen to be believed. Do not miss this one-night-only screening on rare 35mm! You won’t guess the ending…

Passes Accepted: Guest Pass and Member Guest Pass