Blind Sushi

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Food for Thought
Little Roxie Sun, Apr 23, 2017 12:45 PM

This program of short films presents a new take on food production - methods that restore our land, water and wildlife.

Film Info
Director:Eric Heimbold
Year of Production:2016
Premiere Status:San Francisco Premiere
Topic:Food: What's on Your Plate?
Climate Change
Keep it Wild
Running Time:17 min.


A blind adventure writer and the first sustainable sushi chef search for enlightenment in the murky depths of the New England coast.


Additional Information

Eric HeimboldEric Heimbold is an award-winning American/Swedish writer/director/dp whose work includes original films, television commercials, music videos and corporate films for national and global brands. As a youth, Eric traveled the world as a commercial seaman for a Norwegian tanker firm. He also worked in Russia documenting Perestroika and the fall of communism. Eric works from his studio in Venice CA, independently or in collaboration with other production companies, ad agencies and creatives world-wide.