Navajo Song

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Eco-Animation from Russia
Little Roxie Sat, Apr 22, 2017 9:15 PM

A program of eco-themed animated shorts, guest curated and presented by Russia’s ECOCUP Green Film Festival.

Film Info
Director:Roman Sokolov
Year of Production:2012
Keep it Wild
Running Time:7 min


Based on an ancient song of Navaho Indians expressing an eternal link between all the living creatures on the Earth. This is a story about a man who possesse the skill to let everything go easily. He shares his special view of the world with the ones who surround him, giving them the chance to realize and change something.

Additional Information

Roman Sokolov is a Russian animator, director and illustrator. He studied at an art faculty of a pedagogical university in St. Petersburg, then got his doctorate in the specialization of teaching methodology for art disciplines. He has worked for several animation studios working on children's series and films. Among the short films he's directed are Smeshariki. The Theater (2009), Ode to a Commode (2009), and The Friends (2012).