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Roxie Theatre Fri, Jun 9, 2017 7:15 PM
Film Info
Director:Keith Jones
Film Category:Music
Running Time:88 min.
Country:Czech Republic


In the 1980s, communism ruled the land in Czechoslovakia. The totalitarian regime was paranoid about dissenters and often went to extreme measures to silence them. The media was a propaganda machine, and nonconformist literature and art were banned. Communists looked down on Western influences; therefore rock musicians and their fans were the subject of harassment and persecution. But as history has proven, turbulent times are often the catalyst for prolific creativity.

Despite the oppression, a generation of youth found inspiration in the alternative culture. This led to a shift in opinion and politics, later spawning a revolution. Punk rock became a powerful means of communication for the rebellion, along with a variety of visual art forms. They effectively used these mediums to call for freedom. Of course, it wasn't easy, considering they had to go to great lengths to keep it all a secret. Twenty-five years later, key players in the movement discuss their experiences while reflecting on the scary similarities of Vladimir Putin's current reign in Russia. Vinyl Generation is a compelling look at underground culture and its strong impact on changing the political landscape of our world.

Co-presented with Noise Pop.

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