PFFF 17: Psychopaths


O Cinema Wynwood Tue, Aug 15, 2017 9:30 PM


Fusing influences ranging from Brian De Palma to Gaspar Noé, Psychopaths unfolds like a fever dream.


When an unidentified madman is sent to the electric chair, it triggers a sort of Mischief Night for a group of serial killers out in an entire city. An escaped mental patient, a beautiful seductress, a strangler who preys on unsuspecting women, and an enigmatic masked contract killer run amok in Mickey Keating's new slasherfest.


Director Mickey Keating will be in attendance to introduce the film and participate in a Q&A!


Presented with the short film:

HELL FOLLOWS - Betrayed by his clan and murdered for his past evil deeds, a sadistic killer's soul possesses his identical twin's body and sets out onto the road of vengeance for one final crusade of extermination. Everywhere he goes...HELL FOLLOWS. Florida Premiere!