Lost Highway

U.S., 1997, 134 min, 35mm, Dir. David Lynch, Rated R, Universal Pictures


Coral Gables Art CinemaSat, Oct 14, 2017 11:30 PM Event Date Passed


David Lynch returned from a five year hiatus after directing Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me with the underappreciated Lost Highway. Bill Pullman is an L.A. saxophonist whose disintegrating marriage to Patricia Arquette is further complicated when they receive cryptic surveillance tapes of their home. A quintessentially Lynchian film – and the kind only he knows how to make – Lost Highway pulls viewers into a hallucinatory world where time and space blur and the narrative unfolds in mysterious and perplexing ways. While critically mixed upon release in 1997, the film garnered a cult following that, ten years later, proves it deserves a rightful place in the Lynch canon.