Shorts Block 2

MTFF Screening


Film Info
Series:Montana Film Festival
Run Time:69 min
Release Year:2017
Cast/Crew Info
Director:Sarah Clifft
Kathleen Wise
Dani Parker
Aaron Murtaugh
Kier Atherton
Angela Tucker
Manny Mahal
Lisa Donato


The power and potential of the form is fully expressed in this collection of eight short films, which run the gamut from non-narrative experimentations to stinging satire to horror.

The Good Mother

A Mexican mother embarks upon an epic journey across land and through her politics, to find her son’s birthday request - a Donald Trump piñata.


Sanctuary tells the story of the complex bond between two ex-lovers in the face of an abusive relationship and sacrifices made in order to protect one's child.

Safe Word

A man struggles to control his flashbacks during his visit to a dominatrix, until losing control of his mind...and his human form.

White Elephant

A young man's feelings of first love force him to act out of character and lead to a disastrous end.


A woman on a journey, walking on fresh grass of the mind through clouds as the heart echoes guidance.  Beams of light pour in and create visions of magic and the hope of dreams. She skips down the trail with her heart open ready to receive, knowing the beginning of the rest of her life begins again and again, with each moment.


A couple goes on a road trip in southern Louisiana to support a friend.

The Lift

The Lift is a short film about a man battling his toughest opponent: His own failures. This battle occurs in the form of a rigorous back workout. He pushes himself to his physical and mental limits as he attempts to set a personal record in the Deadlift exercise.

The News Today

The familiar and mundane moments between two guys in love become precious in an instant.

Q&A with the filmmakers to follow the 10/06 screening.