The Room
U.S., 2003, 99 min, 2K DCP, Dir. Tommy Wiseau, Rated R, Wiseau-Films
Coral Gables Art CinemaFri, Dec 1, 2017 11:30 PM Event Date Passed
Coral Gables Art CinemaFri, Dec 15, 2017 11:30 PM Event Date Passed

Johnny is living it up in San Francisco with his smoking hot future wife Lisa and best friend Mark. But when the devious Lisa grows tired of her life with Johnny, she seduces Mark and weaves a web of betrayal. This is all the plot you need to enjoy The Room, Tommy Wiseau’s cult film and one of the worst movies ever made. Released in 2003 to a whopping $1800 theatrical gross, The Room became a midnight sensation around the world, attracting audiences to its wooden dialogue, gaudy green screens, nonsensical plots, and general hilarity. It counts James Franco, J. J. Abrams, Kristen Bell, Jonah Hill, and numerous others as fans. So grab your friends for an experience like no other when you enter The Room. We’ll provide the spoons!