Bolshoi: The Flames of Paris Live Performance

Flames of Paris FEED IMAGE 230x340.jpg


Main Theater Sun, Mar 4 12:55 PM
Run Time:2h 15min
Category:Bolshoi Live
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Cast:Maria Alexandrova
Vyacheslav Lopatin
Yuri Baranov
Conductor:Pavel Sorokin


About: In the era of the French Revolution, Jeanne and her brother Je´ro^me leave Marseille for Paris to support the revolutionary effort that is taking over the capital. While fighting for freedom, they both encounter love along the way...Very few ballets can properly depict the Bolshoi’s overflowing energy and fiery passion as can Alexei Ratmansky’s captivating revival of Vasily Vainonen’s The Flames of Paris. With powerful virtuosity and some of the most stunning pas de deux, the Bolshoi Ballet displays an exuberance almost too enormous for the Moscow stage.