The Duel of Wine (Il duello del vino)


Film Info
Running Time:95 min.
Invited Guest(s)::Producer/actor Lino Pujia
Actor Charlie Arturaola
Director:Nicolás Carreras
Producer:Indepindiefilms Cactus
Screenwriter:Federico Marcello
Cinematographer:Agustin Vidal
Editor:Sebastian Carreras
Cast:Charlie Arturaola
Lino Pujia
Pandora Anwyl
Luca Gardini
Gianfranco Vissani
Marco Caprai
Nadia Zenato
Riccardo Illy
Michel Rolland


Notorious and charismatic sommelier Charlie Arturaola stars as himself in Nicholas Carreras’ hilarious Dionysian joy ride through the major wine regions of Italy, easily the funniest wine film since the merlot-bashing SIDEWAYS. When his palate mysteriously fails him, Arturaola is banned from the illustrious Duel of Wine competition and banished from the fiercely opinionated world of oenology. His uproarious quest to return to form involves both clever and idiotic schemes, among them ghost-tasting for a handsome but buffoonish friend. Carreras’ gleeful, stinging satire of the obsessive world of drinking and dining contests includes several luminaries from the wine world in on the joke. The United States gets playfully savaged as the capital of competitive culinary arts, especially in the surprising New York finale—a mano a mano showdown between the world’s two best sommeliers. In the heat of this battle, Arturaola’s poetic, moving affirmation on the meaning of wine reveals that gustatory pleasure is an immediate, personal, and joyous experience better suited to sharing than contention. And after laughing your way through the magnificent wineries of Umbria, Sardinia and Piemonte, you’ll be overwhelmed with desire for a deep, complex, and magically transformative glass of Barolo. –Gustavus Kundahl

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Additional Information

Director Nicolás Carreras graduated from the Universidad del Cine in Argentina, where he now teaches. He won several international awards for his short films before making his first feature THE WAYS OF WINE (El Camino del Vino) in 2010. Like THE DUEL OF WINE, the film is a fictionalized documentary starring sommelier Charlie Arturaola as himself. It is part one of the story of Arturaola’s fall from grace and comeback, and captured the FIPRESCI Award at the Mar del Plata Festival.