Ang Larawan (The Portrait)


AMC Kabuki Thu, Nov 9, 2017 6:00 PM
Film Info
Category:Narrative - Musical
Premiere Status:US Premiere
Director:Loy Arcenas
Producer:Alemberg Ang
Assem Kaibzhanova
Celeste Legaspi
Girlie Rodis
Carlos Santamaria
Cast:Joanna Ampil
Rachel Alejandro
Paulo Avelino


Adapted from the musical play of the same title, Ang Larawan (The Portrait) is based on National Artist Nick Joaquin's three-act play, "A Portrait of a Filipino as an Artist." Set in pre-World War II Intramuros (Old Manila), it tells the story of sisters Candida and Paula Marasigan, daughters of high profile painter, Don Marasigan. The sisters undergo financial hardship and are torn whether they should sell their father’s last great painting, ‘The Artist and His Muse’.