The Graduate
U.S., 1967, 105 min, 4K DCP, Dir. Mike Nichols, Rated PG, Rialto Pictures

Pity Benjamin (Dustin Hoffman). Fresh out of college, he’s a little worried about his future. Even his relationship with Elaine (Katherine Ross) is on the rocks now that Elaine’s mom, a certain Mrs. Robinson (Anne Bancroft), complicates his life even further. Arguably, no other movie of the 60s - not even Bonnie and Clyde or Easy Rider - turned counterculture angst into popular culture. The Graduatebecame the biggest box-office surprise of the decade, made Hoffman an overnight star and second-time-out director Mike Nichols an Oscar winner. After Simon & Garfunkel’s score, movie soundtracks were never the same. Even today, in its 50th anniversary 4K restoration, the movie plays like a baby boomer’s time capsule, moving seamlessly from one anthological scene to the next, all the way to its enigmatic close-up ending.