The Disaster Artist

Drama/Comedy | 105 min | R


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Plays through Thursday, February 1 at The State.

Nominated for the Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay (Scott Neustadter & Michael H. Weber).
Starring the WINNER of the Golden Globe for Best Actor - Comedy, James Franco

In 2003, writer-director-actor Tommy Wiseau’s opus THE ROOM was released to widespread critic panning. In the years that followed, it found a new life in the cult movie circuit, becoming widely recognized as “the Greatest Bad Movie Ever Made.” Ten years after the initial release, co-star Greg Sestero published his account of the making of the film and the strange friendship he shared with Wiseau. Now, director-star JAMES FRANCO and his brother DAVE FRANCO have adapted Sestero’s book, bringing the hilarious and perplexing tale of Wiseau, Sestero, and the making of THE ROOM to the big screen.