Audible Presents "Stinker Lets Loose! Live!"



Castro Theatre Sun, Jan 14, 2018 1:00 PM


This show contains mature themes.

Audible and bestselling author Mike Sacks present "Stinker Lets Loose! Live!" - a no-holds-barred, living, breathing version of the audiobook adaptation of the forgotten novelization of the long-lost classic 1970s trucker movie, "Stinker Lets Loose!”

Our legendary hero Stinker teams up with old pals Boner and Jumbo, plus new friends Buck and Rascal the Chimp, for a crazy ride across the highways and byways of Bicentennial America – and meets scores of beautiful Southern gals, reams of treacherous villains, and even… the Big Man!

Join Mike, director Eric Martin, and an epic all-star cast including Jon Hamm, Busy Philipps, Andy Richter, Paul F. Tompkins, Janet Varney, John DiMaggio, Steve Agee, Kevin Pollak, and more for the stage reading that introduces Stinker to a whole new generation of fans!

To listen to the audiobook, available exclusively on Audible, head over here:

This audiobook and live read are both RATED R - adults only!