Ped Mall -Scene 1 Sat, Feb 24, 2018 12:30 PM
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Dialogue:Director Mori Tatsuya in person
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Series:Special Event
Film Info
Runtime:111 minutes
Director:Mori Tatsuya
Year Released:2016
Production Country:Japan


Film followed by dialogue with director Mori Tatsuya.

Once celebrated as one of Japan's leading composers despite being deaf, Samuragochi Mamoru's name hit international news in February 2014 when it was revealed that his music had been written by a ghostwriter for over 18 years, and that Japan's "modern-day Beethoven" wasn't deaf at all. Director Mori Tatsuya approaches and befriends the supposed hoaxer and his wife, who are in hiding from the pandemonium. The resulting film unveils the truth behind the fiasco - or does it?

A famous deaf composer, considered the Beethoven of modern Japan, who may be a fraud. A 93-year-old Japanese-American Zen monk who dreams of making a feature film. A documentary filmmaker inside the no-go zone at the Fukushimi nuclear meltdown who realizes she is pregnant.

The Japanese Program and the Department of Cinema Arts at the University of Iowa present Japanese Documentary Now, a program of three documentaries to be screened February 23-26 at FilmScene, located at 118 E College Street in downtown Iowa City.

Three of the most prominent documentary filmmakers working in Japan today will share their most recent works and engage with the audience in a Q&A following each screening. All screenings are free and open to the public thanks to generous funding by the Japan Foundation Institutional Project Support (IPS) Grant to the University of Iowa and the Center for Asian and Pacific Studies (CAPS) at the University of Iowa.