Oscar Shorts: FTW (For the Win)

  • Edith + Eddie (Edith + Eddie) Edith + Eddie (Edith + Eddie)
  • Garden Party (Garden Party) Garden Party (Garden Party)
  • Knife Skills (Knife Skills) Knife Skills (Knife Skills)
  • Negative Space (Negative Space) Negative Space (Negative Space)


Maryland Hall Bowen Theater Sun, Mar 25, 2018 10:30 AM
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Film Info
Film Type:Short Program


Our jury award-winning narrative short film from last year’s festival, DeKalb Elementary, was nominated for the Academy Award this year. Here are some of the other short films that were nominated this year.

Included Shorts

Edith + Eddie (Edith + Eddie) (29min) Short | NR | 29 min More
Garden Party (Garden Party) (7min) Short | NR | 7 min More
Knife Skills (Knife Skills) (40min) Short | NR | 40 min More
Negative Space (Negative Space) (6min) Short | NR | 6 min More