Get Out

U.S., 2017, 103 min, 2K DCP, Dir. Jordan Peele, Rated R


Coral Gables Art Cinema Fri, Mar 9, 2018 11:30 PM
Coral Gables Art Cinema Sat, Oct 1 10:00 PM


Few films in modern cinematic history have had the cultural impact of Jordan Peele’s first film, Get Out (2017), which won an Oscar for Best Original Screenplay. It is the deceptively simple story of a Black young man, Chris, who is invited to spend the weekend at white girlfriend Rose’s childhood home with her parents, the Armitages. What happens next is a science fiction/horror premise that strikes at the core of U.S. racial history and appropriation—while forcing audiences to ponder if they can see themselves in the unfolding events. The tight, sharply-conceived screenplay only grows richer with multiple viewings, making Get Out a modern-day classic. – Tananarive Due

This film screens as part of In Exhibition With: Tananarive Due