DOUBLE LOVER (L'amant Double) - Directed by François Ozon
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DOUBLE LOVER (L'amant double)

Directed by François Ozon

A fragile young woman falls in love with her psychoanalyst but soon discovers that her lover may be concealing a part of his identity in François Ozon’s twisty tale about identity, trust, love, and passion.

Chloé, a beautiful young woman at a vulnerable time in her life, begins therapy with Paul, an attractive and mysterious psychologist. Their charged conversations lead to romance. Although life with Paul brings her the happiness she’s not known for a long time, she gradually comes to suspect that her lover is not exactly the man she thought he was. Master filmmaker François Ozon (Frantz, Swimming Pool) continuously deceives and mesmerizes in this complex, sensual, and provocative film about identity, trust, love, and passion. (France/Belgium, 2018, 110 min., NR, French with English subtitles| Dir. Francois Ozon)