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Series:Pride at FilmScene
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Runtime:103 minutes
Director:Duncan Tucker
Year Released:2005
Production Country:USA


Presented in partnership with Iowa City Pride!

"Felicity Huffman gives a miraculously relaxed and witty performance."- Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian

"Mr. Tucker is a subtle and conscientious writer; he takes care to treat Bree as a person rather than a case study.”
A.O. Scott, The New York Times

Right in the middle of important changes in her life, Bree (Felicity Huffman) learns that she fathered a son, Toby, 17 years ago. Posing as a Christian missionary, Bree bails him out of jail in New York, planning to take Toby to his stepfather's house, but when she learns that the stepfather sexually abused the boy, Bree brings her son back to Los Angeles with her. As Toby begins to fall for Bree, she must find a way to reveal who she really is.