Eduardo Del Llano: Nicanor y Compañia

Cuba, 108 min, Spanish with English subtitles


Coral Gables Art Cinema Sat, Mar 24 8:45 PM
Coral Gables Art Cinema Wed, Mar 28 6:30 PM


A successful screenwriter for directors Daniel Díaz Torres and Fernando Pérez, Eduardo Del Llano finds his own voice and ideal format as a director of satirical short subjects, most of them featuring Nicanor O’Connell, a fictional Cuban everyman played to the hilt by Luis Alberto García. In his finest film to the date, Épica, our antihero is a time traveler who visits the early sixties and shows a committed author what his treasured revolution has become. Dominó, his most recent, finds Nicanor playing Cuba’s favorite table game in a Havana courtyard, discussing rumors that a wealthy foreigner is looking to buy the island. The line between fiction and reality is blurred in Casting as a succession of actors are auditioned for a lighthearted comedy financed by foreign capital. In the midst of a wake, an anxious government worker waiting for an important call startles mourners when he finds cellphone coverage atop the dead man’s casket in No somos nada (We’re Nothing).

In person: Actors Mario Guerra, Tomás Cao.