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Film Info
Premiere Status:Minnesota Premiere
Festival Programs:Frame Forward
Culture & Society
Family Drama
Release Year:2017
Runtime:106 min
Festivals & Awards:Best Latin-American Film
FEISAL Award - Mar del Plata Film Festival
Signs of Life Section Best Film - Locarno International Film Festival
Country/Region:Dominican Republic
Website:Official Website
Print Source:Grasshopper Film
Director:Nelson Carlo de Los Santos Arias
Producer:Fernando Santos Díaz
Lukas Valenta Rinner
Cinematographer:Roman Kasseroller
Screenwriter:Nelson Carlo de Los Santos Arias
Editor:Nelson Carlo de Los Santos Arias
Principal Cast:Vicente Santos
Judth Rodríguez
Yuberbi de la Rosa
Filmography:You Look Like a Carriage That Not Even the Oxen Can Stop ('13)
Santa Teresa & Historias ('15)


An illuminating study of modern Dominican Republic told through the lens of a man’s struggles within his family, director Nelson Carlo de los Santos Arias’ film Cocote begins with the murder of the family’s patriarch. His son, Christian Alberto, returns to his family home in the countryside. At the funeral, tensions rise between Alberto and his relatives, whose ideological differences are also paired with the demand for Alberto to avenge his father’s death.

While the family’s differences drive the central narrative, Cocote also serves as a reflection of contemporary Dominican Republic, where Alberto represents a new framework that may not be welcomed by long-held traditions. Over the course of the film, it becomes clear that Alberto finds himself at not only a religious chasm with his family, but a cultural one as well. His father’s honor and his family’s sorrow rest on his shoulders, asking for more bloodshed.

Director Biography

Nelson Carlo de Los Santos Arias Nelson Carlos de los Santos Arias was born in the Dominican Republic in 1985. Prior to his career, he studied film at Edinburgh School of Art and California Institute of Arts. Along with Cocote (’17), he is known for his short film Lullabies (’14).