Neurotic Quest for Serenity


The Main 4 Fri, Apr 13, 2018 7:10 PM
The Main 4 Thu, Apr 19, 2018 9:45 PM
Uptown Theatre Tue, Apr 24, 2018 7:00 PM
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General Public:$14.00
Film Info
Festival Programs:Cine Latino
Release Year:2018
Runtime:105 min
Website:Official Website
Print Source:Brazilian Films
Director:Paulinho Caruso
Teodoro Poppovic
Producer:Bianca Villar
Eduardo Nasser
Fernando Fraiha
Karen Castanho
Cinematographer:Pierre de Kerchove
Screenwriter:Paulinho Caruso
Teodoro Poppovic
Editor:Fernando Stutz
Marcelo Junqueira
Composer:Bruno Bonaventure
Jesus Sanchez
Principal Cast:Tatá Werneck
Vera Holtz
Bruno Gagliasso
Daniel Furlan


Kika is a famous actress. Her fans adore her and she's about to land a starring role in a post-apocalyptic film. She should be happy. She should be at peace. But she’s not. And her obsessive-compulsive disorder makes her “quest for serenity” that much more unreachable. Between her career, a less-than-stellar relationship and promotion of the self-help book she didn’t write, Kika feels lost—adrift in her own life. That is, until she receives a secret message from the ghostwriter of book that sends her on a reinvigorated quest for the happiness, contentment and clarity she’s been missing. 

Tatá Werneck shines as Kika, an anxious and equally infectious force of willpower. Daring, heartfelt and hilarious, filmmakers Paulinho Caruso and Teodoro Poppovic take Kika on a wild journey through her successes and failures as she fights to carve out from the chaos a life she actually wants.

Director Biography

Paulinho Caruso, Teodoro Poppovic Paulinho Caruso, Teodoro Poppovic Neurotic Quest for Serenity will mark the feature-film debut of both Paulinho Caruso and Teodoro Poppovic. Prior to directing, Caruso has worked extensively in advertising and television. Poppovic began his career in 2003 with an internship at MTV, where he wrote hundreds of sketches for various programs.



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