Let the Sunshine In


The Main 1 Tue, Apr 24, 2018 7:20 PM
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General Public:$14.00
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Film Info
Original Title:Un beau soleil interieur
Premiere Status:Minnesota Premiere
Festival Programs:World Cinema
Women & Film
Women Directors
Release Year:2017
Runtime:95 min
Print Source:IFC
Director:Claire Denis
Producer:Olivier Delbosc
Cinematographer:Agnes Godard
Screenwriter:Claire Denis
Christine Angot
Editor:Guy Lecorne
Composer:Stuart A. Staples
Principal Cast:Juliette Binoche
Gerard Depardieu
Xavier Beauvois
Philippe Katerine
Josiane Balasko
Filmography:Chocolat ('88)
I Can't Sleep ('94)
Beau Travail ('99)
Trouble Every Day ('01)
L'intrus ('04)
35 Shots of Rum ('08)
White Material ('09)
Bastards ('13)


Joining two icons of French cinema, filmmaker Claire Denis and actor Juliette Binoche, Let the Sunshine In is far from your everyday romantic comedy. Binoche takes the leading role as a newly divorced Parisian artist named Isabelle, who finds herself at a crossroads. Isabelle longs for another chance at love but is not willing to entertain the rolling list of hapless bachelors that drift her way, such as an actor (Nicolas Duvauchelle), a banker (Xavier Beauvois), and a kindred spirit (Alex Descas) who won’t commit.

While this may seem the setup for your standard rom-com, what Denis does with the story—and what is beautifully portrayed by the cast—is that of an exploration on love in all its depth, mystery, passion and compassion. Masterfully executed, Let the Sunshine In will get audiences rooting for Isabelle while also reflecting on the love that encompasses us all.

Director Biography

French filmmaker and writer Claire Denis is well-known as one of the leading voices in contemporary cinema. She has produced numerous features, short and documentary films throughout her career and her film Beau Travail (‘99) is often lauded as a masterpiece of the craft.


"Binoche, like her compatriot Isabelle Huppert, is an actress so adept at serenely conducting inner turmoil that we risk taking their range of notes and tones for granted. Even by her standards, however, this is complex, quietly symphonic work ..." - Variety


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