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Film Info
Premiere Status:Minnesota Premiere
Programs:World Cinema
Spotlight: Chasms and Bridges
Women & Film
Tags:Culture & Society
Women Directors
Release Year:2017
Runtime:119 min
Festivals & Awards:Best Director - Mar del Plata Film Festival
Best Film
Best Actor - German Film Critics Association Awards
Website:Official Website
Print Source:Cinema Guild
Director:Valeska Grisebach
Producer:Jonas Dornbach
Janine Jackowski
Maren Ade
Valeska Grisebach
Michel Merkt
Cinematographer:Bernhard Keller
Screenwriter:Valeska Grisebach
Editor:Bettina Böhler
Principal Cast:Meinhard Neumann
Reinhardt Wetrek
Syuleyman Alilov Lefitov
Veneta Frangova
Vyara Borisova
Kevin Bashev
Filmography:Be My Star ('01)
Longing ('06)


A clash of wills erupts in Valeska Grisebach’s interpersonal drama Western, making for a raw portrayal of the complexities of humanity. On a new job in the Bulgarian countryside, a group of German construction workers face new tensions, not only among themselves, but also with the local villagers who reside on shared land. This quiet village in Bulgaria is unsettled by the arrival of the workers and the hydroelectric plant to be built on its outskirts. Although the workers live in a camp separate from the village, tensions between them and the locals continue to rise. The only construction worker who doesn't seem to hold any contempt toward the locals is Meinhard. His calm introspective bravado aggravates his coworkers but allows him to befriend many in the local village, setting off a new thread of drama between the two communities.

Director Biography

Valeska Grisebach German filmmaker Valeska Grisebach was born 1968 in Bremen. She is a graduate of the Vienna Film Academy, where she trained in directing under Michael Haneke. She is known for Be My Star (’01) and Longing (’06). Western is her latest feature film.


"Western is as precise as a dropped pin on a GPS map, which makes its sense of mystery all the more powerful." - New York Times


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