Short: Chasms and Bridges III

  • American Dream
  • Brother
  • Schoolyard Blues
  • The World Is Round So That Nobody Can Hide In The Corners (Part I: Refuge)
  • Yoshua


The Main 5 Thu, Apr 26, 2018 7:15 PM
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Guest Attending:Yes
Programs:Short: Chasms and Bridges III
Runtime:81 min


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The 2018 MSPIFF Spotlight theme recognizes difference and dares us to find common ground. The subjects in Chasms & Bridges I, II and III accept that challenge, with varying degrees of success.

Schoolyard Blues: On his first day of school, John's big brother Mika teaches him the hard facts of the world, starting with the merciless demands of the schoolyard.
Director(s): Maria Eriksson | Runtime: 17 min | Country: Sweden | 2017 | Swedish

World Is Round So That Nobody Can Hide In the Corners – Part I : Refuge, The: A gay African refugee seeks asylum in Germany.
Director(s): Leandro Goddinho | Runtime: 13 min | Country: Germany, Brazil | 2017 | English

Brother: The story of Matt Zeller and Janis Shinwari's cross-cultural friendship was documented on Veteran's Day 2017. This doc takes aim at balancing a growing trend toward Xenophobia.
Director(s): Hunter Johnson, Daniel Klein | Runtime: 19 min | Country: USA | 2018 | English, Arabic

American Dream: Newly arrived in New York City's Chinatown, a young singer’s vision of opportunity collides with a brutal world.
Director(s): Alexia Oldini | Runtime: 12 min | Country: USA | 2017 | Chinese (Mandarin)

Yoshua: A group of outcast teens must flee their hometown of South Central, Los Angeles in order to protect their friend from a ban against his kind.
Director(s): Matthew Castellanos | Runtime: 20 min | Country: USA | 2017 | English

Included Shorts

Schoolyard Blues (17min) More
The World Is Round So That Nobody Can Hide In The Corners (Part I: Refuge) (13min) More
Brother (19min) More
American Dream (12min) More
Yoshua (20min) More