Short: Double Takes

  • Botanica
  • Cloud of Petals
  • Glucose
  • Obscurer
  • Preschool Poets: Poem about All Different Things
  • The Tesla World Light


The Main 4 Thu, Apr 19, 2018 4:20 PM
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General Public:$14.00
Youth (25 & Under/Box Office Only):$8.00
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Guest Attending:Yes
Programs:Short: Double Takes
Runtime:86 min


Filmmakers Attending!

Feast your eyes and minds. Double Takes contains the most visually splendorous and, at times, most perplexing shorts of MSPIFF 2018.

Preschool Poets: Poem about All Different Things: An animation of a poem by a four year old named Samuel. (Also see This Might Shock You in Short: Art That Moves I)
Director(s): Nancy Kangas, Josh Kun | Runtime: 2 min | Country: USA | 2017 | English

Glucose: Inside the surreal dreamscape of a KO'd video game boxer.
Director(s): Jeron Braxton | Runtime: 13 min | Country: USA | 2017 | English

Botanica: An infertile garden-center employee swallows his pride.
Director(s): Noël Loozen | Runtime: 13 min | Country: Netherlands | 2017 | Dutch

Obscurer: A reclusive children’s author inhabits a fragile reality.
Director(s): Kiera Faber | Runtime: 19 min | Country: USA | 2018 | English

Cloud of Petals: Sixteen workers photograph 100,000 individual rose petals to map out an artificial intelligent algorithm that learns to generate new petals forever.
Director(s): Sarah Meyohas | Runtime: 31 min | Country: USA | 2017 | no dialogue

Tesla World Light, The: New York, 1905. Visionary inventor Nikola Tesla, the father of alternating current, makes one last appeal to J.P. Morgan, his onetime benefactor.
Director(s): Matthew Rankin | Runtime: 8 min | Country: Canada | 2017 | English

Included Shorts

Preschool Poets: Poem about All Different Things (2min) More
Glucose (13min) More
Botanica (13min) More
Obscurer (19min) More
Cloud of Petals (31min) More
The Tesla World Light (8min) More