Nextwave Youth Film Competition + Panel


The Main 4 Sat, Apr 21, 2018 2:30 PM
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Festival Programs:Short: Nextwave Youth Film Competition + Panel
Runtime:66 min
Type:Shorts Program
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The Nextwave Youth Film Competition is a program of short films that have been submitted to the Festival by a diverse group of young filmmakers from around the globe. The 10 films competing in this year’s competition, all made by filmmakers ages 11 to 18, were chosen from a pool of 200+ submissions by the Nextwave Competition Selection Committee, made up of members of the Minneapolis Institute of Art’s Teen Art Team. Nextwave finalist films are reviewed by the Nextwave Youth Jury (ages 15-18) who select two projects to receive the Youth Jury Award and Excellence in Youth Filmmaking Award.

Nextwave Youth Jurors (ages 15-18)

Sophia Abrams, Washburn High School
Lucy Bowman, Southwest High School
Alejandro Eduarte, Edison High School
Stefan Ferreira, Totino Grace
Robyn Nelson, Creative Arts Secondary School
Penelope Onsrud, Washburn High School
Nafi Soumare, Hopkins High School
Thomas McDonald

Selection Committee/MIA Teen Art Team: Trinity Ek, Fatima Rahman, Max Folina, Mia Romsaas, Oly Everhart, Dale Angulo-Uman~a, Beatrix Del Carmen, Tess Keller, Omar Ceesay, Ana Freeberg

Selection Committee Lead: Katie Wildfong, Family & Teen Programs, Minneapolis Institute of Arts.

Nextwave Youth Jury Mentor: Luke Kamsin


Following the Nextwave Youth Film Competition screening, youth filmmakers lead a discussion on the range and diversity of stories and styles that are piquing the interest of their generation. Topics will also include how youth filmmaking fits into the larger context of cinema.

Moderated by: Destiny Davison

Panelists: Omar Ceesay, Fatima Rahman, Max Folina, Natalia Poteryakhin


iRony: A haunting, animated look inside the toll of technology.
Director(s): Radheya Jegatheva | Runtime: 8 min | 2017


Art of War: Imagery of war and art collide, showing the effects of both.
Director(s): Cal Etcheverry | Runtime: 5 min | 2017


Two of Five Million: Two displaced brothers tell their stories of war and reunion.
Director(s): DZ and Socs Zavitsanos | Runtime: 6 min | 2017


Thaw: An animated film about the process of warming up.
Director(s): Natalia Poteryakhin | Runtime: 1 min | 2017


Persevering and Persistence: Rosa Brand-Canadas: A portrait of Salvadorian refugee Rosa Brand-Canadas.
Director(s): Ayan Ismail | Runtime: 4 min | 2017


Natasha Barsotti: A portrait of a queer Trinidadian activist and journalist Natasha Barsotti.
Director(s): Pieta Rupia | Runtime: 4 min | 2017


A Seat at the Table: Life events unfold around the setting of a dining-room table.
Director(s): Thomas McDonald | Runtime: 6 min | 2017


Lev: Young Rom is enchanted by love in this dreamlike short.
Director(s): Roy Shtayim | Runtime: 10 min | 2017


Take a Hike!: A documentary-styled account of TV host Berry Cannen's unfortunate career.
Director(s): Brody Menzies | Runtime: 6 min | 2017


Life of Davie: Davie unlocks the key to his life after finding a book that grants his every wish.
Director(s): Austin Coombs-Perez | Runtime: 16 min | 2017

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