Eliane Elias


MCG Jazz Concert Hall Sat, Dec 1, 2018 6:00 PM
MCG Jazz Concert Hall Sat, Dec 1, 2018 8:30 PM
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Musicians:Eliane Elias- Vocals, Piano
Genre:Vocal Jazz
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Rescheduled from May 4, 2018:

2017 Eliane Elias will present the show Samba Brazil which celebrates the 100 year anniversary of samba. Eliane takes the audience through a journey of Brazil, singing and playing an exciting Brazilian samba set featuring the most contagious and festive rhythm of Brazil.  Her band features master musicians: drummer Rafael Barata from Rio, guitarist Rubens de La Corte from Sao Paulo, and the versatile, world renowned virtuoso bassist Marc Johnson. Eliane Elias and her band engage the audience and incite them to participatein the infectious rhythm of the samba. The performance is fun, entertaining, magnetic and energizing. 

"Elias keyboard work is masterful, and her subtle vocals could melt the coldest of hearts. Her bossa nova and samba material mirrors the songbooks of the Great Brazilian masters." DownBeat

"... what distinguishes Elias as one of today's leading bossa nova interpreters is her superb musicianship, the way she floats above the rhythm and meshes her vocals with her robust jazz piano accompaniment.*****" Associated Press

"Elias' strength's as a jazz artist, combined with her roots in São Paulo, make her one of the most impressive interpreters of jazz-linked bossa novas, sambas and choros..."  - Los Angeles Times

"Eliane Elias is of a generation of aggressive pianists who attack music like a lioness attacking its prey, at the same time expressing a tenderness within the core of her passion that at times has brought me to tears." - Herbie Hancock

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