We are the Littletons


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The Pain of Others
Roxie Theatre Sat, Jun 2, 2018 5:01 PM
Morgellons disease first appeared at the start of this century. Sufferers have a crawling sensation and thin worm-like threads grow out of their skin. Medical science has no explanation and patients apparently convince themselves of the illness, often after having heard about it on the internet.
Film Info
Director:Penny Lane
Running Time:10 min.
Year of Release:2018


We Are The Littletons is a tangled web of found objects, intercepted correspondences, reenactments and total fabrications centered around Eve Littleton, an artist with “movie star good looks” mysteriously banished from her postcard-perfect American family. Penny Lane spent a year in Eve’s former bedroom, poring through the detritus of her life in the Littleton family.