Pushing Change: Shorts From China's Environmental Edge

  • Drinking the Northwest Wind Drinking the Northwest Wind
  • Far Away from Home Far Away from Home
  • Guanba: Land of the Panda Tribe Guanba: Land of the Panda Tribe
  • Searching for Sacred Mountain Searching for Sacred Mountain
  • Smog Journeys Smog Journeys


Cowell Theatre Sat, Sep 8, 2018 2:00 PM
Film Info
Director:Shi Lihong
Gary Marcuse
Kyle Obermann
Liu Yan-ming
Sharon Lovell
Tom Wang
Jia Zhangke
Year of Production:2018
Climate Action
Indigenous People
Pollution & Toxins
Sustainable Cities
Wildlife Protection
Running Time:90 min.


Don't miss this short film program by eight reporters, photographers, and filmmakers bringing us the most pressing new stories from China, from panda habitat conservation to pollution plagued cities, and much more.

Meet fimmakers coming from as far away as Beijing!

Searching for Sacred Mountain
Shi Lihong & Gary Marcuse, China/Canada, 2014, 20 min
Buddhism uplifts a Chinese reporter tracking environmental crises.

Expected Guests: Directors Shi Lihong and Gary Marcuse

Guanba: Land of the Panda Tribe
Kyle Obermann, China, 2018, 11 min
Following the first historical Panda anti-poaching and protection patrol in Sichuan.

Far Away from Home
Liu Yan-ming, Taiwan, 2016, 6 min
A bird's arrival in neighboring Taiwan showcases dislocation by ecosystem destruction.

Drinking the Northwest Wind
Sharon Lovell & Tom Wang, China, 2016, 12 min
The direct human and environmental costs of Mao's South-to-North Water Transfer Project are revealed.

Smog Journeys
Jia Zhangke, China, 2015, 7 min
A look at China's pollution plagued cities.


Community Partners: Artists United; Center for Asian American Media (CAAM); Greenpeace USA.

Included Shorts

Searching for Sacred Mountain (20min) More
Guanba: Land of the Panda Tribe (11min) More
Far Away from Home (6min) More
Drinking the Northwest Wind (12min) More
Smog Journeys (7min) More