In Between

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Genesis 2.0
Castro Theatre Thu, Sep 13, 2018 4:00 PM

Christian Frei & Maxim Arbugaev, Switzerland. Green Film Network Award: On remote islands in the Siberian Arctic Ocean, the discovery of extinct mammoths sets genetic scientists on a controversial quest.

Film Info
Director:Rolf Steinmann
Year of Production:2015
Topic:Wildlife Protection
Running Time:8 min.


In a remote corner of the world, a living relic from a prehistoric age still exists. A creature that once roamed the northern plains alongside mammoths and sabertooth cats. Journey into world unknown to most of us.

Rolf SteinmannRolf Steinmann is a wildlife cameraman from Upper Bavaria, Germany. Currently working on natural history productions for television, he is specialized in long lens work with very skittish wildlife and innovative time-lapse techniques. In Between features his favorite most animals in the world - musk oxen.