Invisible Blanket

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The Human Element
Cowell Theatre Sun, Sep 9, 2018 5:30 PM

Matthew Testa, USA/Iceland. Renowned environmental photographer James Balog (Chasing Ice) reveals how changes in the elements are affecting the lives of everyday Americans.

Film Info
Director:Pasha Reshikov
Year of Production:2017
Topic:Climate Action
Festival Awards
Pollution & Toxins
Science & Technology
Running Time:8 min.


Invisible Blanket is based on real events and publications of 1950s when the first climate change scientists started to voice their concerns in major US magazines and newspapers. Their predictions turned out to be rather accurate, yet their voices remained “unheard” for more than half of a century...

Expected guest: Cinematographer Rebecca Basaure

2018 Best Short Award

Pasha ReshikovPasha Reshikov is an emerging filmmaker and a creative activist from Russia, who moved to the USA at age 16. He is a self- taught film-maker with a background in art and photography. Pasha believes that films can be powerful catalysts of change, so he focuses on the topics of social and environmental issues. His short film Mana Kai focused on plastic pollution in the oceans and showed at Green Film Fest 2014.