Searching for Sacred Mountain

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Cowell Theatre Sat, Sep 8, 2018 2:00 PM

Reporters, photographers, and filmmakers are bringing us the most pressing stories from China's environmental frontlines.

Film Info
Director:Gary Marcuse
Shi Lihong
Year of Production:2014
Climate Action
Indigenous People
Wildlife Protection
Running Time:20 min.


The Tibetan monastery at Baiyu rests in the brilliant Nianbaoyuze mountain range, a sacred and nationally protected park. The Nianbaoyuze mountain range is the epitome of intersections between religion and environment and China—and a key element in Searching for Sacred Mountain, the video documentary by filmmakers Gary Marcuse and Shi Lihong that captures one of the most surprising contemporary trends in China.

The documentary tells the story of Liu Jianqiang, an investigative environmental journalist and Beijing editor of ChinaDialogue who has recently converted to Buddhism. The documentary includes footage of senior Chinese government officials declaring their commitment to an "ecological civilization" that draws on Buddhism, Daoism, Confucianism, and other Chinese cultural traditions as a means of addressing the country's growing environmental challenges. It also shows that leading Chinese academics are making the connection between such traditions and the protection of vulnerable lands and habitats.

Shi LihongTrained as a journalist, Shi Lihong initially wrote articles for the English language China Daily. She then studied film at UC Berkeley, returning to China to launch the company Wild China Film, based in Beijing. Her film Voice of an Angry River revealed the desperate poverty of farmers along the Mekong River displaced by massive dam projects.

Gary MarcuseGary Marcuse is an independent journalist and filmmaker based in Vancouver, Canada. With background in environmental planning and fine arts, he has written and directed several films about the emergence of environmental movements around the world, including Waking the Green Tiger: The Rise of a Green Movement in China which showed at Green Film Fest 2012.